Get ready to defend your spend.


We're MyFolk, and we're changing how the world buys. Here's how our app works:


1. Speak your mind

There's only one you—and we can't wait to meet them. Our 30-minute multiple choice survey is designed to give us a comprehensive sketch of your beliefs: political, spiritual, social, and beyond.

We also integrate with your favorite apps—Google Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify, with more coming soon. This gives us a more thorough glimpse into what you and your folk love—and what doesn't make the cut.


2. Scan by logo or search by name

Our proprietary image recognition software identifies logos big and small, from car companies to your local bakery. And the ever-growing MyFolk database has the dish on 120,000+ brands and products—all at your disposal.


3. See if it's right for you

The MyFolk app will immediately give you a custom report card, detailing:

 a. What folks like you think about it (friends, connections, followers, and followees)

 b. If the brand's politics align with yours (think: company policies, political donations, corporate donation recipients)

 c. An overall letter grade

And if it's not right for you, we'll suggest brands in the same category you'll love!


Got a q? We've got a's.
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